Privacy Policy

NSW Incident Alerts is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy. NSW Incident Alerts is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 which sets out a number of principles concerning the protection of your personal information.

Set out below is information that NSW Incident Alerts is required to communicate to its users. We recommend that you keep this information for future reference.

NSW Incident Alerts in partnership with The Early Warning Network (EWN) sends warnings and alerts to those being threatened or affected by a possible emergency or event. In most instances this means an area or specific location. Anybody registering to NSW Incident Alerts generally provides information equivalent to that already published in the white or yellow pages. NSW Incident Alerts strongly recommends accurate address details because it is this data that ensures accurate notifications to those who need it most. Information provided by registered users is not sold to any 3rd party and is only shared where you have opted to join another group - registration information may be accessible to administrators of the group you have joined in order for them to provide the notification services you have requested. Emergency authorities/administrators only have access to send notifications within their jurisdiction.

Your Personal Information

Personal information held by NSW Incident Alerts may include your name, current and previous addresses, telephone/mobile phone number, email address. If you choose not to provide us with certain personal information we may not be able to provide you with the alert services you require.

How we use your personal information
Your personal information may be used in order to:

  • provide the ALERT services you require
  • administer and manage this service
  • make changes to your profile as you require;
  • respond to any queries or feedback you may have;
  • inform you of ways the service provided to you could be improved;
  • gain an understanding of your information and communication needs in order for us to provide you with a better service

    There are instances where you may elect to provide us with personal information. If you fill out one of our feedback or request forms or send us email, you are transmitting the information that appears to you in the form or the message. This will typically include information like your name, mailing address, email address, the kind of request you are making, and any other information necessary to fulfill your request. You never transmit personally identifying information that you do not enter yourself. And this is always your option; this information cannot be collected unless you specifically elect to send it to us. This information is used internally only for the purpose of fulfilling the request or for contacting you directly and is not given or sold to any other organization.

    Location services – If the ‘location based services’ option has been enabled then the NSW Incident Alerts app will use this information to provide incident information specific to the users location. Some location information as well as other system relation information (such as app version and operation system version) may also be used through the feedback and support section of the app in order to help us troubleshoot issues relevant to the support of the users of the NSW Incident Alerts service.

    When you submit personally identifying information via one of our feedback or application forms, that information is also encrypted, or scrambled, by your browser before it is transmitted back to our web site. This effectively prevents anyone from intercepting and reading any personal information about you. Note that this encryption does not take place if you send us email, but only when you use your web browser with one of our site's forms.

    When you e-mail us:

    • we will record your e-mail address
    • we will only use your e-mail address for the purpose for which you provided it
    • it will not be added to a mailing list unless you request this be done
    • we will not disclose it without your consent
    • we will record the personal information provided by you (for example you name, address, telephonenumber etc)
    • we will only use this information for the purpose for which you provided it
    • only EWN authorised administrators will have access to this
    • we will not disclose it without your consent, except where NSW Incident Alerts may be required by law to disclose certain information


    A cookie is an electronic token that is passed between browser and server to transfer small amounts of information. They are used to maintain site information as you navigate different pages on a web site or return to the web site at a later time.

    Cookies are used throughout NSW Incident Alerts to provide authentication and anonymous usage statistics that allow us to evaluate the performance of our website.

    We hope you find our website useful and informative and are always willing to answer questions and receive suggestions. If you have either, please see the Contact us page. Thank you.

    * We reserve the right to change our privacy policy. A revised policy statement will only apply to data collected subsequent to its effective date. Any revisions will be posted at least 30 days prior to its effective date.

    More information can be offered by emailing us via